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Individualized, Patient-Specific Treatment Protocols

Dr. Mashner utilizes an assortment of chiropractic techniques in providing chiropractic adjustments to his patients. He selects from traditional techniques such as manual and drop table adjustments or from the latest low‑force, high velocity instrument assisted adjusting techniques such as Torque Release, Impulse and Activator Methods.

Chiropractic Service

“Each patient has a different need and may respond differently to an adjustment approach. While all chiropractic techniques work, I do not feel it is fair to ask all my patients to fit a particular treatment method or technique. Accordingly, for each patient I select the method of treatment from the ‘tools in my toolbox’ which I believe will provide the most effective result and positive outcome from my care.”

Therapy and Rehabilitative Services

Research has shown that the patients who receive the maximum benefit and longest lasting results from chiropractic care are those who participate in an active Spinal Rehabilitation program. In addition to the Chiropractic Adjustment which helps to restore joint function and reduce nerve irritation, and therapies to help reduce initial muscle spasm and swelling, we offer specific rehabilitation routines and exercise instruction.
When repeated over time, these patient exercises will help strengthen the core spinal muscles so that they can help to hold and maintain the correction provided by the adjustment.

                 Nutritional Assessments and Functional Nutrition

In today’s fast food environment, proper nutrition is one of the key elements to help you achieve the health and vitality of a body in balance. Like a computer, “garbage in means garbage out”. Even with the best in chiropractic adjustments, if a body lacks the proper raw materials to rebuild itself, the ability to help your body back to a healthy balance may be limited.  Over time, a lack of proper nutrition can impact the ability of the body to heal from injuries and maintain the structural balance provided by the chiropractic adjustment . Sadly, in many cases, lack of proper nutrition may have already contributed to the development of chronic health issues and disease.

Chronic health problems can be treated by either focusing on the symptoms, or by looking deeper to seek out, understand and address the origins and causes of declining health. Traditional medicine focuses on the symptoms of disease and analyzes these symptoms to arrive at either a diagnosis of a disease or in some cases classification of the symptoms into a syndrome. Treatment is usually then provided through medication designed to change or control the symptoms.

Unfortunately,  using drugs to mask symptoms typically does not lead to resolution of the disease. Instead, the underlying disease process often continues unchecked, and the prescription treatment often becomes a lifelong treatment protocol with no exit strategy.  In addition to the potential side effects, medications can lead to drug-induced nutritional deficiencies. These in turn can cause a whole new set of problems or symptoms.

Dr. Mashner has trained extensively in nutrition and natural healing principles. He believes a system referred to as Functional Nutrition (Functional Medicine) is the best way to support the body’s natural healing potential.  He also believes that almost all diseases originate within the gut and that if your gut is not healthy,  you can not achieve true health. That is why he established The Gut Authority.

To learn more about Dr Mashner’s  holistic, non-medical approach to healing,  functional nutrition,  and to see if a functional nutrition approach might be right for you, please click here

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